Transforming Walls into SmartBoards

New smart walls would allow homeowners to get rid of all wall-mounted light switches and make adjusting the lights possible by just touching the wall and so much more!

Painting Asphalt White?

Concrete baking, in these warmer climates, is a genuine concern for city officials, and as a result constituencies in the San Fernando Valley, where temperatures regularly reach upwards of 35 degrees Celsius, have tried to reduce the impact of concrete baking by utilizing “cool pavement”.

The Robots Are Coming

With the continuing advancement of autonomous robots and automation, workers today are living in perpetual fear of being replaced by the cheaper alternative of a robot.

AI & Robotic Fleets for On-Site Inspection

Machines equipped with high definition cameras and “Light Imaging, Detection and Ranging” (LIDAR) sensors - similar to those used by autonomous vehicles. If autonomous drones can give project teams early warning signs and new perspectives that allow offsets or delays to be mitigated, these are emerging technologies worth getting excited about.

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