Living Roof creates Biodiversity in Construction

Installing green roofs on our towering islands of steel and concrete has a number of benefits. Studies have shown that green roofs reduce temperature, conserve energy, lower utility bills, absorb stormwater, increase biodiversity, filter pollutants and greenhouse gases, insulate against sound or wind, and they can add aesthetic value as well. The list of benefits form a veritable laundry list, but it is important to note the cost.

5 Technologies Boosting Productivity on the Jobsite

One direct way of helping to close a global infrastructure gap on a smaller scale is to increase your own firm’s productivity. Completing your construction projects better, faster, and with higher revenue means that you can grow and invest more in the future.

Innovation Can Combat Construction Struggles

New technologies of the 21st century are making their way onto the construction site, boosting workers’ efficiency and safety, while also saving businesses time, money, and waste. A SoftwareConnect survey from 2017 asked 158 construction industry professionals from small and medium-sized businesses in North America about their current and hypothetical future technology usage.

Interface Management: A solution to handle large and complex construction projects

Depending on the size of your next project, consider the cost-benefit analysis of including an Interface Manager.

Building Bridges Into The Future

We’re always looking for ways to build structures bigger, better, and faster. Bridges are no exception to this rule, but even the most advanced suspension bridges face limitations.

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