Improving Concrete with Recycled Tires

UBC researchers find strength in adding rubber fibers to concrete mix design.

Moving Forward with Canada’s Net Zero Building Design

The Joyce Center for Partnership and Innovation is intended to be just the first of several pilot projects that will help the CaGBC refine the Zero Carbon Buildings Framework and Ellis Don's Carbon Impact Initiative.

Moving Construction Forward and Upward with Upbrella

Congratulations to Upbrella for winning the Toronto Construction Association 2016 Innovative Product Award for their safer alternative to the conventional construction environment.

Improving Building Energy Efficiency with G7 HVAC Inc.

Trigeneration, CCHP, Combined Cooling, Heating and Power, is the forward evolution of the recent technological advance known as CHP, Combination Heat and Power.

Exploring Deeper with Underwater Inspection Tools

With Deep Trekker ROVs and Pipe Crawlers, operators can monitor construction work as it is being performed, as well as inspect the work after it is completed.

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