Hard Hat 360 Job Site Mapping

OpenSpace, a Silicon Valley-based startup, has recently launched a new artificial intelligence program that can dramatically cut the time it takes contractors to photograph job sites and share the progress being made with the key project stakeholders.

What You Need To Know About The Cloud

Cloud technology allows access to a massive productivity potential for construction companies, and the software as a service model drastically reduces the costs associated with utilizing modern technological tools.


...Its ability to cut up to 40% off the construction time of projects has sparked talks of the innovation being an industry game changer. The composite steel frame system consists of two connected steel plates around a cavity with high-strength concrete.

The Robots Are Coming

With the continuing advancement of autonomous robots and automation, workers today are living in perpetual fear of being replaced by the cheaper alternative of a robot.

How Switching From Paper to Tablet Can Save You Millions

Since issuing iPads to its employees the company has saved nearly 55,000 working hours that employees would have otherwise spent travelling to on-site trailers to manually check documents that would be continuously updated.

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