Save Time with Smartphone app LoadDocs

In an industry where the labour is imagined as highly physical, there’s still plenty of paperwork, and a lot of that needs to be filled out on the go. Eventually, documents need to be digitized for a variety of purposes, such as sharing or backup.

5 tips for choosing the right Construction TECH

With hundreds of options available in each product category - field management, document management, project management, and more - the question is: How do you start your journey of embracing innovation in your construction business? Check out our 5 tips!

The Latest in Emerging Drone Technologies & the Future

Read about two of many cases of how software development is advancing exponentially the area of drones!

Use Artificial Intelligence for Customer Retention

The construction industry isn’t simply about changing landscapes, it’s almost completely dependant on customer satisfaction and retention. Customer satisfaction in and of itself is a challenge for business as it is about finding methods of continuously improving one's commerce and maintaining its modern capabilities.

Hard Hat 360 Job Site Mapping

OpenSpace, a Silicon Valley-based startup, has recently launched a new artificial intelligence program that can dramatically cut the time it takes contractors to photograph job sites and share the progress being made with the key project stakeholders.

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