The end of Traditional Insulation?

Constructing a home with proper insulation is critical to homebuilders as homeowners want to take advantage of lowering heating or cooling costs for their homes. A traditional method of installing insulation includes layers of fiberglass or spray-on foam insulation behind drywall, and inside attics.

Will You Soon Be Living in a 3-d Printed Home?

The 3-D printing technology application within the housing industry is promising and ICON’s business structure has serious potential to have a significant impact on the the way homes are produced, and made available to the general population.

Super Wood Could Replace Steel

Can you believe treating wood can make it 12 times stronger and 10 times tougher than non-treated wood?

VR Training Simulation for Lifts

Utilizing technology such as this will not only help recruit younger generations into the construction industry, but studies prove gamifying learning improves engagement and retention.

Azuga FleetMobile: Standalone Smartphone Edition (SSE)

New smartphone app is available that allows companies to GPS track vehicles, monitor driver behaviour, and timestamp a vehicle based on location without an onboard system.

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