This Paint is Fire’s Kryptonite

An interdisciplinary team of scientists from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) and the Singapore JTC industrial company, developed a coating material called FiroShield.

The New Nano-Crystal Infused Concrete

By increasing the hydration of a concrete mixture with less water, the wood nanoparticles make the material stronger and expedite its setting time. This will effectively decrease the need for as much of the material and will increase its load capacity and durability.

Crane Operator VR Training

Virtual Reality (VR) has already emerged within the construction industry in the form of providing virtual maps of construction sites which can bolster more efficient planning and resource management. It is only just now that, within the construction industry, CM Labs Simulations has become the first company to release a training simulation program geared at providing lessons on how to use a Luffing Tower Crane.

From Liquids Into Solids, The Next Steps To Sustainable 3-D Printing?

New class of material that can be customized into liquid reaction vessels for many uses. Just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what applications this technological breakthrough will unlock.

Dockmasters: Booking Solution

Dockmasters is a booking solution for the construction industry that provides an easy and streamlined method for construction companies to manage the booking of elevators, loading docks and other resources on construction sites.

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