Procore empowering Project Managers

Project management system that helps eliminate unnecessary change orders and helps a Project Manager stay within budget!

Increasing profitability with Smart Concrete™

To optimize project scheduling, staff onsite begin the process by simply attaching the Smart Concrete™ sensor to the reinforcement using two twist ties, prior to pouring the concrete.

DRONES: Site Scan Surveying Technology

Collaboration between two tech firms creates software that allows drones to gather data with the 3DR Site Scan Field mobile app. Including autonomous flight modes, multi-engine cloud processing, topographic surveys and volumetric calculations.

Retrofitting with Fiber Reinforced Polymers

QuakeWrap is a revolutionary product now available on the market, utilized recently to repair bridges in the United-States. Similarly, PileMedic offers a similar solution for retrofitting and restoring piles and pipes.

The next straw: straw bale builds part of a greener future

Rot and fire-resistant straw bale cementous modular builds also offer an R40 insulation rating with few thermal bridges. These new designs have also become the ideal greener replacement for schoolhouse portables, which in turn is cost efficient for clients.

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