CCI, gaining momentum

Canadian Construction Innovations (CCInnovations) has received over $310,000 in pledges and support from the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and Industry to move forward with its business plan to develop industry-driven research and innovation. The construction industry is seen as being an inefficient industry, we have to be looking for ways to evolve. The advancement of innovation is key...

CCI in the News

Ongoing research and innovation can help catapult the construction industry into the next generation of technology use. Things like RFID (radio-frequency identification), location and mapping, and more are being researched in depth these days. Check out the full CCI article in Constructech Magazine....

Panama Conference

Come find out what CCI is all about !

Join us at CCA's 96th Annual Conference which will take place in Panama at the Westin Playa Bonita March 8 - 14, 2014. This conference website features information on travel & hotels, conference program and activities so that you can start planning.

Watch Conference Video with Emcee Daniel Richer

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