(English) Increasing profitability with Smart Concrete™

(English) To optimize project scheduling, staff onsite begin the process by simply attaching the Smart Concrete™ sensor to the reinforcement using two twist ties, prior to pouring the concrete.

(English) Kinetic Paving

(English) Commercial smart-floor solution. The technology has evolved from a singular tile to full-flooring solutions. The smart floor generates electricity from footsteps to an entire array with three multi-functional component parts.

(English) What big data can do for the Construction Industry

(English) Implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence in the construction industry allows companies to explore vast opportunities for data-driven optimization.

(English) Time Saving Text-to-Speech App

(English) New system that provides management staff with transcription services. The app records speech and transcribes spoken data onto a worksheet, regardless of noisy construction sites.

(English) MULTI Cable-Free Elevator System

(English) TWIN® is the only elevator system available with two cabs travel independently within one elevator shaft. This innovative system requires 25% less space to transport the same number of passengers. The advantage of the TWIN® allows people to access different floors quickly.

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