Save Time with Smartphone app LoadDocs

In an industry where the labour is imagined as highly physical, there’s still plenty of paperwork, and a lot of that needs to be filled out on the go. Eventually, documents need to be digitized for a variety of purposes, such as sharing or backup.

The Latest in Emerging Drone Technologies & the Future

Read about two of many cases of how software development is advancing exponentially the area of drones!

VR in Construction

Utilizing VR in construction might be the newest trend in the construction industry and a product named GRIT Virtual may be leading the way!

Stronger and Transportable! New Composite Girder Bridge Design

The team of engineers at the University of Maine have created an easily transportable and more than twice as collapse-resistant as typical concrete or steel girder bridges!

New Virtual Reality App Illustrates How to Recognize Fall Hazards!

Fall Protection is one of the most commonly overlooked, and ignored safety measures overlooked in the construction industry. Read about how this app aims to remedy this with an innovative application of Virtual Reality!

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