Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Headset

The glasses can be used to create holograms of 3-D objects that users can place and scale around them, can be used for immersive simulation-based training and recording short video clips for simple mixed-reality presentations.

How Shipping Containers are Giving Students a Place to Live

This innovative housing structure was devised by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and his team at BIG in response to the struggling student population in the very expensive city of Copenhagen.

Hard Hat 360 Job Site Mapping

OpenSpace, a Silicon Valley-based startup, has recently launched a new artificial intelligence program that can dramatically cut the time it takes contractors to photograph job sites and share the progress being made with the key project stakeholders.

Earthquake Resistant Concrete

Read about concrete reinforced by polymer-based fibres, which greatly increases its strength!

What You Need To Know About The Cloud

Cloud technology allows access to a massive productivity potential for construction companies, and the software as a service model drastically reduces the costs associated with utilizing modern technological tools.

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