To instill a new culture for research and Innovation in the Canadian Construction Industry.


In 2009, following the release of a CCA analysis report on R&I in the construction industry, it became apparent that Canada faces an innovation imperative. Our lacklustre innovation record stands in the way of Canadians realizing their full prosperity potential.

  • We have a fundamental belief that efficiencies can be found through the creation of CCI, bringing innovation to the forefront and creating prosperity in the Construction Industry and for Canada.
  • Construction largely has remained unchanged since WW2. It is time we take responsibility and change the face of construction.
  • Firms alone working individually in silos with limited funds and resources cannot effect substantial change. Industry wide innovation – and the subsequent increase in productivity and profitability  - can only be achieved through a common and collaborative approach.

Industry must accept the challenge.


CCInnovations will provide the necessary framework to enhance industry-wide collaboration for innovation in the construction industry with the aim to increase competitiveness, productivity and financial performance.

Its objectives are:

  • To use innovation to make the Canadian construction industry more competitive at home and globally;
  • To establish, monitor, and report on national goals for the industry that will help focus the drive for innovation;
  • To define a broad research, development and innovation agenda to support the national goals;
  • To build consensus for the agenda so the industry can speak with one voice in the area of innovation;
  • To establish an effective system of selecting, pursuing and funding research projects and programs;
  • To identify the means by which new products and services can best be commercialized; and,
  • To facilitate the dissemination and adoption of new innovations, technologies and practices.



CCInnovations is the result of a challenge by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) that an Institute be established to instill a new culture for innovation in the Canadian construction industry.

CCInnovations’ goals for our industry will make innovation a driver of growth across our entire economy through:

  • Reduce corporate risk and increase profitability
  • Improved sustainability and minimized life-cycle costs.
  • Create more satisfied clients
  • Attract talented individuals to our industry
  • Improve the image of the construction industry
  • Improve our technological advances



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