CCI Clearinghouse

The CCI Clearinghouse was launched last September. We at CCI call it the “nerve centre for construction innovation in Canada” This is where industry stakeholders can post innovative solutions free of charge and accessible by the public at large. CCI then uses social media and its own network to promote these posts. Soon, we will add chatrooms where anyone interested can initiate discussions on such industry issues as: procurement, IT, green building, industry codes, standards and regulations, programs, etc. CCI will use this tool as a source of information to initiate projects. It is there for you to use! Click the link above and take advantage of this offering to broadcast your innovations throughout the industry.


Use of Drones in the construction industry

Last October CCI issued a booklet on the use of drones in the construction industry. It covers such items as:

  • The difference between the different types of drones
  • Available Equipment
  • Data Expectation
  • Industry Applications
  • Regulations
  • Insurance
  • Risks and Pitfalls
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Case studies and demonstration projects are currently being investigated.

Click here to order your copy of the guide.


Survey of Construction Owners

Late last fall, CCI commissioned a study of construction owners to assess the main challenges in construction and then perform a gap analysis to determine how the research conducted by academia and the private sector could best align itself with industry needs.

Prof. Lloyd Waugh of the University of New Brunswick (with the assistance of Thomas Froese of UBC and Farnaz Sadeghpour of the University of Calgary) conducted some 30 interviews in which high level owner representatives participated with enthusiasm. These individuals come from both the public and private sectors, from all regions of Canada and cover many disciplines (energy, transportation, health care, education, etc.).

The results of the study were presented at the CCA Annual Conference in March. More presentations are forthcoming.

Click this link to access the Executive Summary of this report.


Incubator for Energy Conservation in Heavy Construction Sector

In January 2016, CCI created an incubator comprised of industry leaders for the purpose of creating an industry-led program for energy conservation in the heavy construction sector. This phase 1 project culminated in a report that addresses the main areas to be covered in this program. Phase 2, soon, to be undertaken, will consist of developing such a program with all the necessary support for its implementation Phase 3. Click this link for a copy of the Phase 1 report.


CCI’s 1st Workshop: Collaboration between industry and academia

On April 28, 2015, CCI held its very first workshop. Its purpose was to:

  • Identify key challenge areas where pragmatic solutions can be found and put to market
  • Determine the clusters needed to give focus to each of those areas
  • Establish networks to leverage the expertise necessary to address each of the identified areas
  • Provide a medium to facilitate networking and communication between industry and academia for further collaboration through more-focused research that responds to the needs of industry; and,
  • Creating new R&D collaborations

The workshop served as a venue to create new relationships in support of R&D collaborations based on common goals and objectives and driven by one prevailing criteria: the commercialization of new innovative solutions in the Canadian construction industry.

Click this link to access the workshop report.


Workshop on Modular Construction

On October 29th and 30th, in Montreal, CCI participated in a workshop on Modular Construction hosted by Concordia University and The Modular Institute. CCI played an active role in the planning of this event and in moderating the industry panel.

We then learned that a 32-storey building was being built in Brooklyn, New York using modular construction. In fact the Pacific Park building is slated to be the world’s tallest modular structure.

It was agreed that a lot more information/education and case studies are required for this mode of construction to increase in use and popularity. It is estimated that only 3.8% of construction in North America is undertaken under this process.

Click this link to access the workshop report.


CCI Workshop on Industry Performance (BIM and Green Building)

To be held on May 31st and June 1st, 2016, in London Ontario, CCI will be co-hosting a workshop with CSCE (University of Calgary being its facilitator). The main objective is to create strategies on how to improve industry performance in two critical areas identified in the survey of construction owners referenced above, namely: e-construction (BIM) and green building (industry environmental impact). By invitation only.


CCI’s 1st Annual Conference

CCI is exploring the possibility of hosting its very first conference on construction innovation to be held this fall. Stay tuned for additional information.

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