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Rugged Smartphone for the Construction Worker

Incoming into the Canadian Smartphone market in 2018, a rugged smartphone built for the Construction Worker.

Procore empowering Project Managers

Project management system that helps eliminate unnecessary change orders and helps a Project Manager stay within budget!

Trimble FieldMaster

Trimble FieldMaster Technician is a mobile application that empowers mobile workers with advanced collaboration tools and the ability to access and update information in real-time for improved effectiveness in the field.

Increasing profitability with Smart Concrete™

To optimize project scheduling, staff onsite begin the process by simply attaching the Smart Concrete™ sensor to the reinforcement using two twist ties, prior to pouring the concrete.

Kinetic Paving

Commercial smart-floor solution. The technology has evolved from a singular tile to full-flooring solutions. The smart floor generates electricity from footsteps to an entire array with three multi-functional component parts.

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