Sweden’s New Road Design Can Charge Electric Cars On The Go!

Sweden is experimenting with a modified road, equipped with an electrified track built into the middle of the road that electric vehicles can latch on to. Vehicles that are able to use this resource will be equipped with a movable arm on the vehicle’s undercarriage; this arm will then automatically lower when a sensor from the vehicle detects the electrified rail.

How Shipping Containers are Giving Students a Place to Live

This innovative housing structure was devised by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and his team at BIG in response to the struggling student population in the very expensive city of Copenhagen.

The next straw: straw bale builds part of a greener future

Rot and fire-resistant straw bale cementous modular builds also offer an R40 insulation rating with few thermal bridges. These new designs have also become the ideal greener replacement for schoolhouse portables, which in turn is cost efficient for clients.

Improving Concrete with Recycled Tires

UBC researchers find strength in adding rubber fibers to concrete mix design.

Moving Forward with Canada’s Net Zero Building Design

The Joyce Center for Partnership and Innovation is intended to be just the first of several pilot projects that will help the CaGBC refine the Zero Carbon Buildings Framework and Ellis Don's Carbon Impact Initiative.

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