Smartphone Game App Helps Workers Practice Safety

Smartphone mobile game available on the market and it’s dedicated to construction workers, especially for those who are, or will be, working at heights. Harness Hero was created to allow workers to practice setting up fall arrest systems in a creative and enticing way, not to mention fun!

RD-M1 Collect 2.0 upgrade

Topcon Positioning Systems just rolled out the RD-M1 Collect 2.0 upgrade to their SmoothRide resurfacing workflow solution software.

Moving Forward with Canada’s Net Zero Building Design

The Joyce Center for Partnership and Innovation is intended to be just the first of several pilot projects that will help the CaGBC refine the Zero Carbon Buildings Framework and Ellis Don's Carbon Impact Initiative.

SoundLab Creates Virtual Environments of Sound and Design

The SoundLab provides an accurate user experience of yet-to-be-built buildings and environments using virtual visualization and auralisation.

Risk Sciences International has created an app that analyzes climate change data to inform building and retrofitting decisions.

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