CCI Conference 2017: Construction on the Precipice of Massive Change

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Construction on

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Beanfield Center

Toronto, Ont.

November 3rd, 2017

7:30 AM - 6:30 PM

7:30 am - 8:15 pm - Continental Breakfast

8:15 am

Opening Remarks

John Bockstael, CCI Board Chair
President and CEO, Bockstael Construction Limited

John Bockstael joined Bockstael Construction Ltd. in 1985 and has worked in all areas of the family-owned company that was started by his grandfather in 1912.

John has served on many organizations including: the Manitoba Chapter of the American Concrete Institute, Winnipeg Construction Association, the Canadian Construction Association (now serving as 2nd National Vice-Chair and chair of the Standard Practices Committee) and the Friends of Engineering of the University of Manitoba.

8:30 am - 11:00 am - Panel Discussion:

Shaping the future of Construction: A breakthrough in mindset and technology

As the 5th largest construction sector in the world, Canada has a unique opportunity to be a major global leader in modern construction practices and exporter of construction services to rapidly developing nations around the world. To achieve this, we must work together and address the nine key success factors for innovation in the construction ecosystem cited in the World Economic Forum’s March 2017 report, entitled “Shaping the Future of Construction: Inspiring innovators redefine the industry.

A panel comprised of distinguished members has been assembled to discuss three topics that serve to address: the identification of new innovative solutions, the challenges and barriers preventing their implementation and the need to leverage the nine key success factors for innovation.

Mathew Kattapuram - Moderator

Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Development, Aecon

Mathew is responsible for the oversight of the strategic business development, corporate affairs and marketing groups at Aecon.

Prior to joining Aecon, Mathew was with Infrastructure Ontario (IO) as senior vice president, civil infrastructure. With nearly 35 years of construction and management experience, Mathew has worked for leading construction firms across Canada including Carillion.

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Aecon Group Inc.


Prof. Mani Golparvar Fard

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship, University of Illinois
CEO and co-founder, Reconstruct Inc.
Champaign, IL

Dr. Randy Frank

Executive Director, R&D, Quality and Regulatory Affairs 3M Canada Company


To Be Announced

Mélinda Nycholat

Vice President, Operations-Procurement, Defence Construction Canada, Ottawa

Deepak Aatresh

Chief Executive Officer, Aditazz, San Francisco
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Panel Topics

1. Identification of New Innovative Solutions

Identify new innovations and technologies that have not yet come to play in the construction industry - what is next, what is the possibility of these being implemented and what will be the additive affect.

2. Challenges & Barriers

Identify the challenges and barriers preventing new innovations and technologies that have already been implemented internationally, from breaking through into the North American\Canadian construction industry.

3. Leveraging the nine key success factors for innovation

  • Stimulating Innovation
  • Turning ideas into reality
  • Succeeding in the marketplace

11:30 am to 12:30 pm - Special Presentation:


This talk introduces an integrated visual environment for progress monitoring and proactive project controls on construction sites. Using 2D and 360 images and videos captured with drones, consumer-grade cameras, and smartphones, a new platform is introduced which creates and visualizes 3D Reality models over project timeline, integrates them directly within 4D Building Information Models (BIM), measures progress and productivity, and analyzes risk for potential delay. By putting project data in a visual context for the entire team, it is shown this platform can provide transparency in project execution and help project teams better plan, coordinate, and communicate. Using real-world case studies, it is also shown how insight on potential delays helps project teams prevent potential delays from surfacing on their jobsites, and empowers them to keep their projects on schedule and within budget.

Mani Golparvar Fard

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology Entrepreneurship, University of Illinois
CEO and co-founder, Reconstruct Inc.

Prof. Golparvar Faculty’s particular interests are in (1) creating computer vision, image processing and machine learning techniques to automatically reconstruct as-built (actual) 3D and 4D building information models as well as track construction progress, productivity, quality, safety, and carbon footprint from static images as well as video streams; and (2) building information modeling to reason about building elements, systems, and contents to support model-based assessment of performance metrics. Artificial Intelligence is at the center of his R&D activities.

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Reconstruct Inc.

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm - Lunch Service

1:00 PM to 1:45 PM - Keynote Address:

It is time for smarter cities

The Built Environment is the Platform for our Modern Existence.  How We Live, Work and Play is rapidly changing as we enter an era of increasing urbanization.  Innovation through Smarter Cities will be the key to maintaining and improving our quality of life.  As an industry we will need to change how we Design, Build, Operate and Improve our Built Environment to realize the promise of Smarter Cities at Scale.

Jesse Devitte

Managing Partner of Borealis Ventures

Jesse is a co-founder of Borealis Ventures and a member of the firm’s Built Environment Investment Team.  He leverages his hands-on operating experience and industry contacts to nurture innovative companies applying technology to design, build and improve our world. Jesse serves as a Mentor for MIT’s DesignX Accelerator for the Built Environment, the Urban-X Accelerator Engineering the City as a Service and Stanford CIFE's Students Addressing Built Environment Challenges program.  Prior to co-founding Borealis Ventures, Jesse served as an executive in two public application software companies - Softdesk EVP/President and as the Autodesk VP of AEC.

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Borealis Ventures

2:00 PM to 3:00 PM - special panel presentation:

how will companies meet the challenges of climate change and thrive?

The effects of climate change are real and growing, and some leaders are actively embracing the challenges that they present. Canada and Ontario are taking positions as world leaders in efforts to fight the magnitude and rate of climate change. Current and future policy will affect businesses and clients in many ways. This panel session will bring together experienced thought-leaders who are embracing these changes. They will share lessons-learned and provide insights on what it will take to thrive in the new low-carbon economy.

By the end of the session attendees will understand:

  • Climate change-related regulations, trends and impacts
  • Obstacles and opportunities associated with climate change and developing high-performance buildings
  • Different approaches to developing the best path forward
  • The need for transformational business strategy and new business models and what they might look like

Mark Wilhelm - Moderator

Mark serves as a Sustainability and Climate Change Consultant for Ameresco. He has led Ameresco’s Climate Neutrality Alliance with Arizona State University (ASU) which will drive ASU to climate neutrality by 2035 with a positive NPV. 

Mark has over thirty years of experience in the energy industry, including twenty years in sustainable building design and operations. He has provided sustainability consulting to many Fortune 500 companies, government entities, and education clients.

Ameresco Canada Inc.


Flash Presentations

Brand New Innovative solutions ready for the marketplace

3:15 pm to 5:00 pm - LIVE PRESENTATIONS

See top innovators featuring their latest offerings that have the potential of SIGNIFICANTLY increasing efficiencies in the industry

David Bowcott - Moderator

Global Director - Growth, Innovation & Insight, Global Construction & Infrastructure Group, Aon

David oversees growth strategy for Aon GCIG worldwide.  In order to fuel global growth, David has been given jurisdiction over generating innovations and insights for Aon’s clients using the market-leading volume of business Aon transacts within the construction and infrastructure sector. David's primary focus is utilizing his position to develop industry-leading tools and methodologies to allow clients to achieve optimal risk profiles for their projects and their operations.

David has been with Aon since 2002 and has close working relationships with several global contractors, developers, design firms, subcontractors, and owners. In previous role as National Director of Large/Strategic Accounts for Aon Construction Canada David helped secure 13 of the top 15 Canadian contractors as clients and has further helped to secure appointment as risk advisor and broker for numerous mega projects (over 50% of Top 100 projects and over 80% of all Canadian P3s).

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