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Smartphone Game App Helps Workers Practice Safety

Smartphone mobile game available on the market and it’s dedicated to construction workers, especially for those who are, or will be, working at heights. Harness Hero was created to allow workers to practice setting up fall arrest systems in a creative and enticing way, not to mention fun!

AI & Robotic Fleets for On-Site Inspection

Machines equipped with high definition cameras and “Light Imaging, Detection and Ranging” (LIDAR) sensors - similar to those used by autonomous vehicles. If autonomous drones can give project teams early warning signs and new perspectives that allow offsets or delays to be mitigated, these are emerging technologies worth getting excited about.

Azuga FleetMobile: Standalone Smartphone Edition (SSE)

New smartphone app is available that allows companies to GPS track vehicles, monitor driver behaviour, and timestamp a vehicle based on location without an onboard system.

Electric Cars & Infrastructure

Are electric cars a viable mode of travel for Canadians? Do we need to begin updating our infrastructure to prepare for the inevitable augmentation of power demand in Canadian households?

Vaporizable Electronics

New technology is being developed that gives electronics the ability to self-destruct, known as transient electronics.

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