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Earthquake Resistant Concrete

Read about concrete reinforced by polymer-based fibres, which greatly increases its strength!

What You Need To Know About The Cloud

Cloud technology allows access to a massive productivity potential for construction companies, and the software as a service model drastically reduces the costs associated with utilizing modern technological tools.

New Saw add-on for Enhanced Accuracy

Over the course of a 5 to 6 week construction job, Kriel estimated Autoset could save a crew two to three days. That difference could help make a mom-and-pop construction company on the edge of profitability, profitable.

Transforming Walls into SmartBoards

New smart walls would allow homeowners to get rid of all wall-mounted light switches and make adjusting the lights possible by just touching the wall and so much more!

Trichoderma Reesei: Concrete’s Guardian Angel

The unique form of concrete would be able to effectively seal any cracks within the concrete structure,  as a result of the properties that concrete takes on when mixed with the fungus Trichoderma Reesei.

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