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Use Artificial Intelligence for Customer Retention

The construction industry isn’t simply about changing landscapes, it’s almost completely dependant on customer satisfaction and retention. Customer satisfaction in and of itself is a challenge for business as it is about finding methods of continuously improving one's commerce and maintaining its modern capabilities.

Stronger and Transportable! New Composite Girder Bridge Design

The team of engineers at the University of Maine have created an easily transportable and more than twice as collapse-resistant as typical concrete or steel girder bridges!

New Virtual Reality App Illustrates How to Recognize Fall Hazards!

Fall Protection is one of the most commonly overlooked, and ignored safety measures overlooked in the construction industry. Read about how this app aims to remedy this with an innovative application of Virtual Reality!

The VisionVest: Construction Industry’s New Fashion Trend!

VisionVest's appeal lies in its unique vest design, which is enhanced by features such as LED-lighting, GPS location tracking as well as portable phone charging

Sweden’s New Road Design Can Charge Electric Cars On The Go!

Sweden is experimenting with a modified road, equipped with an electrified track built into the middle of the road that electric vehicles can latch on to. Vehicles that are able to use this resource will be equipped with a movable arm on the vehicle’s undercarriage; this arm will then automatically lower when a sensor from the vehicle detects the electrified rail.

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