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Ultrasonic Testing & Corrosion Mapping

Ultrasonic Testing & Corrosion Mapping are non-destructive testing methods, which maintain the structure’s integrity and quality, have thus been designed to accurately determine when a building structure has been jeopardized.

Air Caster Technology

"Airfloat’s air caster diaphragms are constructed of smooth textured, completely homogeneous material. When pressurized the diaphragm will stretch uniformly and closely follow the contours of the floor, maintaining a consistent air film. This is evident with lower drag forces and less air consumption than that produced by fabric-reinforced diaphragms."

RD-M1 Collect 2.0 upgrade

Topcon Positioning Systems just rolled out the RD-M1 Collect 2.0 upgrade to their SmoothRide resurfacing workflow solution software.

Snappi – Heavy Equipment Inspection App

Heavy Equipment inspections can now be completed with the use of any Apple or Android device for free

Mobile App takes Learning to the Job Site

Phone app created by a team of independent building experts that users with reliable information on products, materials, installation methods and technical data and more!

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